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Boris Ilyin

Femboy Bubblebutt Bodyslide Preset CBBE 3BA WORK

Hey, I'm extremely new to modding Skyrim and I was wondering if this would make all the other female meshes in the game femboys / How I could make this preset only apply to my character while still having it show with clothes. I was also wondering if I could make the Vaginaless and Futa mods only apply to my character. Thanks!

Femboy Bubblebutt bodyslide preset CBBE 3BA

There should be something in bodyslide that says unique player , build the femboy body with that one, but obviously you have to read the description of that mod first which tells you where you need to put the textures so your skin isn't purple

With that said, he uses my femboy bubble butt bodyslide preset right here . I recently updated it so you can have the same body preset as the half orc you see above. Please make sure you build the armor set/clothing set you want him to wear for his body using the half orc femboy preset(that's in femboy bubble butt mod) otherwise he will have boobs when you give him clothing. Anyway if you are unfamiliar about bodyslide and outfit studio i recommend youtube vids to help ya out. You will need a bit of experience in bodyslide and outfit studio to build clothing for his body . 041b061a72


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