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Adrian Wilson

Seductive Teen

The idea is that the original Douglas and Glenn Close characters will be replaced by a quiet high school senior and a seductive homecoming queen. When he returns to his old girlfriend, the vamp embarks on a campaign of revenge. (Michael and Glenny may even have cameo roles as parents.)

seductive teen

Gina Marie is a veteran of the stage and has been acting since age 5. Her voice is extremely versatile. She can embody a young teen as effortlessly as an older woman. Gina Marie specializes in characterization, and has received praise for her dialogue work. She has narrated sophisticated thrillers, as well as youthful and seductive romances. Gina Marie's stage experience includes many comedies, and she has great comedic timing. She is actively honing her improv skills with the Upright Citizen's Brigade. She is proficient with regional southern, midwestern, and New York accents.

This is FRESH AIR. Our film critic Justin Chang recently caught up with the new movie "Moffie," which tells the story of a white South African teenager hiding his sexuality as a young soldier under apartheid in the early 1980s. You can stream it now on many major platforms. Here's Justin's review.

JUSTIN CHANG, BYLINE: The brutal and mesmerizing new film "Moffie" takes place in South Africa in 1981, when white teenage boys are conscripted to fight in the country's border wars. The story follows a group of these young men as they endure the rigors of basic training and are sent to fight communist forces from neighboring Angola. But the conflict that most concerns the movie, adapted from Andre Carl van der Merwe's autobiographical novel, is the one raging inside its 16-year-old protagonist, Nicholas. He's coming to grips with his homosexuality in an environment that couldn't be more hostile to it.

For all that, "Moffie" isn't entirely despairing. While far from romantic, it suggests that love can persist even in a world driven by hate. And while Nicholas is a fairly taciturn character - his silence is its own survival instinct - Brummer's richly expressive performance shows us a young man quietly coming into a deeper understanding of himself. The movie ends on a note that somehow manages to be seductive, tragic and faintly hopeful all at once. Nicholas, like so many men in his situation, has been scarred by the system of apartheid, but there's some consolation in knowing he will outlive it. 041b061a72


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