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Danny Brown Old

3.25 Bucks ft Purity Ring: I've never heard of Purity Ring before this but, she can sing well. I like the chorus and danny's verses. (also I don't like danny's serious stuff as much as his funner stuff so these are shorter)

Danny Brown Old

16.Handstand: I haven't listened to this song as much as the others but the beat is pretty good, and danny's voice is super high on this one in the start and it changes alot, I like what he does with that.

OVERALL I GIVE THE ALBUM A 8.9/10.0 I liked most of it, I just wish o.d.b. was on the album. If you liked old,make sure you check out XXX. XXX is probs my fave danny album/mixtape. But Maybe I just need to listen to old more so I can fully enjoy it all. 041b061a72


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