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Pokemon Dungeon Explorers Of The Sky Rom __TOP__ Download

This is a short hack done for the SkyTemple Jam in May 2021. Despite constraints within our team, I was able to cobble together something from our planning, thus we present this brief little story sequence with a 9-floor dungeon. This is the opening to a tale of a group of dungeoneers, heading on their way for a visit to the doctor for Alger, the player character.NOTE: This hack's download link has been removed at the request of the creator.

pokemon dungeon explorers of the sky rom download

A one-dungeon demo hack where you play through Chatot's DnD-inspired campaign as Bidoof and Chimecho's characters.NOTE: This hack's download link has been removed at the request of the creator.

Gameplay-wise, I wasn't too bothered by the lack of Manual Mode. However, I did feel like there was something wrong with the wild pokemon's spawn rate (at some point I got stuck battling an army of pokemon for like 2 minutes in a hallway, on a floor that wasn't even that small) and the monotype, lengthy dungeons sometimes make for a painful experience, especially when it's just you and your partner (it was really not fun being a Riolu in the poison and bug dungeons). And yes, speeding up the process of making drinks at Spinda's Café would have been nice too.

This randomizer randomizes...- ... all NPCs on the overworld (with matching portraits and names; additional portraits are downloaded from the PMDCollab Sprite Repository)- ... all dungeon layouts (including tilesets, music, weather, darkness, traps, items, Pokémon spawns, etc.)- ... Pokémon moves, types, abilities- ... boss fights matching the NPCs and boss fight layouts- ... chapter names and location names.- ... if wanted: all text in the game.

Exactly what it says it is -- a randomizer for Explorers of Sky. It has all of the basic functions you'd expect (item, dungeon, pokemon, and move randomization), and development is very active, so I'd expect more in the future! 076b4e4f54


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