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Boris Ilyin
Boris Ilyin

Brazilian Lesbians

Objective: To verify factors associated with deteriorating lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic, including physical activity, cigarette and alcohol intake in lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, transvestites and people with related identities (LGBT+).

brazilian lesbians

As women who want to live their sexuality and love for other women are victims not only of sexism and misogyny, but also lesbophobia, hatred against lesbians in Brazil is on the rise, not only on social media, but also in real life.

"Delving into the complex lives of lesbians from all social classes living in Salvador, Bahia, a city rich with Afro-Brazilian traditions, Allen tackles the controversial topic of intimate partner violence. Her sophisticated and meticulous research reveals that this violence is often triggered by feelings of jealousy and acts of infidelity that are closely intertwined with notions of race, gender, sexuality, heteronomativity, and homophobia, all of which significantly shape the everyday lives of the women she studies." - James N. Green, Carlos Manuel Céspedes Professor of Latin American History, Brown University, USA

"This book courageously takes on a subject that we would rather ignore, since it does not fit comfortably into dominant notions of gendered and sexualized femininity. Violence and Desire in Brazilian Lesbian Relationships foregrounds interpersonal violence between lesbians or intendidas in Salvador de Bahia, and the local 'moral world' that they inhabit. Allen deftly paints a portrait of these phantasmal citizens, lodged in a culture of invisibility, both embodying and breaking through cultural ideologies." - Gloria Wekker, Professor Emeritus of Gender and Ethnicity, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, and author of The Politics of Passion (2006). 041b061a72


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