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Eric Zhuravlev
Eric Zhuravlev

Rejected Mate By Sam Crescent

Phoenix Marshall grew up in the foster care system, rejected by one family after another. Never having been part of a pack, Phoenix knew nothing about fated mates, and refused to accept Ashley as his future wife.Ashley Simpkin never knew heart break like the rejection by her mate. Broken and destroyed, Ashley prepared to move on, move away, and change her appearance to make herself more attractive to a future mate. Falling for Phoenix means submitting to the man who destroyed her self esteem but living a life alone means loneliness for the rest of her life.The $ex scenes are intimate and erotic.

Rejected Mate by Sam Crescent

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Just two years earlier, Longhurst and Wilcox had shared a dressing room together as Northampton Town team-mates during the 1987/88 season and the City chief is hoping his old friend will now be remembered when the club relocate to Monks Cross in 2017.

Petty and his mates distilled a signature sound that was as influenced as much by The Byrds as the Beatles, with the swagger of the Rolling Stones and some doses of Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and soul stirrings of Ray Charles and Sam Cooke thrown in. 041b061a72


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