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Buy 2nd Hand

One of the most obvious and well-known benefits of buying secondhand is the cost savings. You can often find secondhand goods up to 50% cheaper than you could if you were buying new. When you consider that Americans spend over a trillion dollars annually on nonessential goods, those savings can add up.

buy 2nd hand

With the introduction of mass, low-cost production, more and more people feel less incentivized to buy used products. Regardless, the market for thrift items holds strong4. Many of us have at least one item we purchased at an auction, a second-hand store, or a charity shop. So, why buy second-hand when you can buy new ones?

Buying used goods, especially clothes, doesn't necessarily mean you cannot afford something new. It could be that the items in second-hand shops may be rare vintage, limited in stock, or something of significant value that you may never have the opportunity to buy again if you miss out on it.

But the most important reason is the environmental cost you'll be saving. Whatever your reasons, choosing to shop for second-hand items is a great idea. They offer great value to you while doing the environment a huge favor.

When talking about second-hand items or going thrifting, we might easily think of clothes and garage sales. Yes, shopping at online thrift stores for second-hand clothing and other fashion items is most common. But we can also buy items like furniture, books, electronics, baby gear, a new car, pre-owned gift cards, tools, kid's toys and home care items, musical instruments, collectible toys, video games, and many others as second-hand.

Buying these items from swap shops does not only save money when compared with what a new one costs. It also encourages reusing, which is sustainable for the environment. In other words, you are doing yourself and the environment some good when you shop for second-hand items.

This remains the driving force behind buying used rather than new. Many people prefer buying their clothes, handbags, furniture, and kids' items from thrift shops. Their reason is that several branded new items, especially clothes, are made with lesser quality materials and sold at high prices.

Furthermore, when you shop at local retail stores for secondhand goods, you support local businesses and help reduce emissions from shipping and traveling further afield. Purchasing locally is almost always better for the environment.

People who buy used cars help reduce the need for companies to source materials required to build the car and ship it around the world, thereby reducing pollution to some extent. According to a 2015 study, the demand for more new goods will decrease if there is a constant supply of used products that are still valuable. In other words, second-hand markets have a positive impact on the environment2.

It's very possible to come upon a lucky luxury find when shopping second-hand. In fact, some people earn a side income by browsing for high-valued items and reselling them for a profit. You can buy those items you may only see online and are beyond your budget for less money or by using a gift card at a second-hand store.

Instead of buying something new from fast fashion brands, buying secondhand clothes or products from a thrift store extends the life cycle of second-hand clothing or products, which is an incredible way to avoid waste pollution.

Second-hand shopping and ethical shopping work hand-in-hand. As a regular thrift shopper, you will be contributing less to the average output of manufacturers. This happens when we, as a global society, choose to buy fewer new products. Manufacturers make so much to sate a hungry market. Reduce the demand, and we reduce the activities that contribute to pollution and the degradation of our environment.

While there are good companies out there that are ethical and transparent with their methods and strategies, they are only a handful, and their products tend to be quite expensive, with their prices above what an average person can afford.

Whether you shop secondhand to use that item, donate, or gift someone, you are making it useful and giving it a new life. Second-hand clothing also makes an excellent choice for upcycling clothes you already have through repair, patching, or restyling them.

Another community movement on the rise is "buy nothing new groups." Check if there is one already in your area, or you can set one up to facilitate second-hand trades, or start a buy-nothing-new challenge.

End-users prefer throwing a lot of their used clothes in dumpsites and landfills, and the impact of such actions is not sustainable. Regardless of its size, no country in the world has the land space to sustain this waste practice. The ECAP offers several solutions5, including the option to sell these clothes as second-hand clothes.

There are lots of online shops/platforms where you can get quality second-hand commodities. Some popular options are eBay, Craigslist, Poshmark, and Facebook's online marketplace. Our list of the best online thrift stores also offers more options.

There are many benefits when you shop secondhand. Purchasing a product that will serve its purpose for a long time is more sustainable than one that you may need to change now and then. Items that last well enough for the owners to resell are often made using high-quality materials.

You can ditch the easy-to-break, mass-produced, low-quality stuff we often see in stores with second-hand items. Let us take suitcases, for instance. Some of us may have seen those of our parents and grandparents. These suitcases were constructed with durable and quality products, which is why they lasted long enough for us and even our kids to see.

Beyond quality and durability, buying second-hand means that you're playing your part in reducing waste. When you buy second-hand, you maximize the resources taken from the Earth and deviate from the throwaway culture.

This brand sells sustainably sourced second hand clothing through their website and their shops within London. Rokit has recycled over a million tons of clothing by selling within their shops. They have an expert vintage team to find, source and recycle clothing and inventory. For items beyond use the staff sew and repurpose these items into new products.

Grailed is a site that allows users to not only buy second hand items but also sell theirs. The company specialises in popular streetwear and designer brands. It is free to list items on the website and the selling fee is one of the lowest in the market. There are currently over 2 million listings on the Grailed website.

Facebook marketplace is integrated within the facebook app and website. The platform unlike other second hand ones is based around messaging other users, customers can message a seller about an item in their area and arrange payment and shipping methods, and there is no fee from Facebook. The market place is popular for clothing and shoes but can also be used to buy cars and other items like homeware.

Asos created this other platform in 2010 for second hand sellers and small sustainable brands. The site specializes in a lot of 90s and vintage sports brands which are currently in high demand, this offers customers products they can find anywhere else.

Vinted has a website and a mobile app to keep users up to date with the newly posted second hand items. The platform has a large community of 45 million users. The site lets people sell their unwanted items and buy others, clothing found on Vinted isn't likely to be found anywhere else. Unlike other sites, listing and selling is completely free as well as this postage is prepaid through the app to make sure customers get their items.

Build a Bundle was created because of how quickly children grow out of their clothes, after one wears childrens clothes they are no longer new and usually get messy, expensive children's clothes quickly lose their value. This allows parents to buy children clothes second hand in one place, all ages, sizes and types. Unlike buying new clothes, these clothes are inexpensive and do not have an impact on the environment. Second hand clothing can be directly sent to the company to be photographed and listed.

Ebay is a huge online website/platform with over 150 million users. The website sells a range of products in a range of ways, what it is known for is its second hand/pre owned bidding service. This allows sellers to list their product with a starting bid then customers can bid against each other to purchase the item. The most popular selling items are clothing, shoes, accessories and technology.

Depop is one of the largest online platforms for second hand clothing. It allows users to list their items at a fixed price which can then be purchased through PayPal, sellers then post the items directly to their customers. The app and website are set up similarly to social media platforms. You are able to follow friends and other users, as well as having a feed, which allows you to see items from your following and recommended items based on what you buy and search.

When it comes to second-hand electronics, finding the right purchase isn't as straightforward as just reading the descriptions. More often than not, electronics are expensive and require various checklists before purchase. Those lists double when buying a second-hand iPhone online.

It may seem like buying second-hand iPhones online is like playing a game of Russian roulette. However, it doesn't have to be that way. There are several things that you can check with the seller before committing to a purchase. Here's a quick checklist to help you out.

Next, determine if both the physical keys and screen are working. On a live video, ask the seller to press each physical button while paying attention to the iPhone response. Then ask the seller to demonstrate the basic iPhone hand gestures such as swipe, zoom, and tap.

When testing the second-hand iPhone camera, ask the seller to take photos with the device and show you the photo right afterward. Next, make sure to ask them to take photos using both the front and back cameras. Then, check if the image looks clear to ensure the iPhone's camera hardware is still working. 041b061a72


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