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The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) Passbook is a digital record of an individual’s EPFO account. It is an online version of the physical passbook that was traditionally used to track the contributions and withdrawals from an EPFO account. With the EPF Passbook, individuals can now access their EPFO account information online, anytime, and from anywhere.

The EPFO Passbook is a convenient and secure way to keep track of your EPFO account. It is available to all EPFO members who have registered their Universal Account Number (UAN) with the EPFO. The EPFO Passbook can be accessed through the EPFO’s website or through the UMANG app.

The EPFO Passbook contains detailed information about an individual’s EPFO account, including the current balance, the contributions made to the account, the withdrawals made from the account, and the interest earned on the account. It also provides a summary of the transactions made in the account.

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