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The following agreement regarding RAR (and its Windows version - WinRAR) archiver - referred to as "software" - is made between win.rar GmbH - referred to as "licensor" - and anyone who is installing, accessing or in any other way using the software - referred to as "user".


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One of the early advantages were that you could split a .rar file into several files so users could download each one seperately, or you could put each one on a floppy disk or CD. RAR also has some better compression than .zip, but I wouldn't call it anything spectacular. I tend to use 7zip for better compression.

One of the common reasons I'll use it is for sending EXE's through e-mail (as i'm a developer). Gmail and Outlook will block .zip's containing executables as potential viruses, and will allow .rar files.

Why it is technically better, .RAR makes much smaller archives in about the same amount of time. It also supports solid archives and take advantage of a lot of small files. This is a huge plus for .rar, it can seriously compress a ton of small files by making them a single big file first, making real use of redundancies between the files. And it was said, .RAR compresses better overall anyway. 041b061a72


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