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Kaminey Movie In Hindi Hd

The media showed concern over the film's title, deeming it "odd", and some people were shocked because of the title, which can be translated into English as "mean".[11][12] However, the makers said that "kaminey" is not a negative term and is actually a term of endearment.[11] According to Bhardwaj, the idea for the title came from a scene from Gulzar's Ijaazat (1987), in which the lead actor (Naseeruddin Shah) refers to the actress in a loving manner; it was the first time that he heard the word used that way.[12] Bhardwaj told Rediff, "when the script of this film was written, it was like discovering your own mean side. The format of the film is of a caper and all the characters in this film, excluding one, has an agenda. So I thought it was an apt title for the film".[12]

Kaminey Movie In Hindi Hd placed Chopra at number one as the best performance of 2009 by a Hindi actress.[79] Chopra said, "[y]ou don't get to work in a fantastic movie like Kaminey and play someone like Sweety every day".[50] Hindi Film News said Kaminey was the best Bollywood film of the decade.[80] It ranked Shahid Kapoor's performance at number four for the finest performance by a Bollywood actor for the decade, and in a public poll the song "Dhan Te Nan" was voted the thirteenth-best Bollywood song of the decade.[81][82] also included the film on its list of "Top 25 Hindi Action Films of all Time".[83] Since its release, the film has gained a cult following and is regarded as a cult film of the 2000s decade of Bollywood.[84]

And for a while, it is, as Bharadwaj goes about setting the scene. Other `kaminey' surface, one after the other. Tashi the gangster, with his cheroot and fancy yatch. A trio of Bengali brothers who fix races. Local hood Bhope Bhau, lover of Marathi `manoos', and hater of all the others who live in Mumbai. A couple of crooked cops fronting a huge drug deal. A guitar full of white powder worth crores. The seductive smell of illicit cash. The director picks up his mix, gives it a good shake, and lets his gang of grifters rock and roll. Till the interval, `Kaminey' is fabulous : dhan ta nan!

Working with Gulzar on Maachis as a music composer also strengthened Bhardwaj's desire to direct. After all, Gulzar had started his career as a lyricist. Gulzar continues to be a close ally of Bhardwaj; he has written the lyrics for a number of films that have Bhardwaj's music including the movies Bhardwaj has directed.

By 2009, Vishal Bhardwaj was already a cinematic hero. In addition to his glorious early years as a music composer, his transition to directing films had also worked wonders. Every movie he made was an important one, whether he was making a beloved children's tale or adapting Shakespeare for Indian audiences.

Kaminey, starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, didn't have the same heavyweight actors attached to it as the filmmaker's previous films had. Shahid Kapoor was more or less a chocolatey actor and Priyanka Chopra had attempted some dark movies before but nothing like this before.


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