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Copying Books To Kindle Fire

Two kindles, one problem: how do I transfer my books? That is the story of every avid reader who has upgraded a device before. Your Kindle has your Amazon purchases as well as PDFs you have downloaded over the years. Transfering different files, though, requires different methods.

copying books to kindle fire

Second, in my experience, converting PDF to EPUB or Mobipocket will work for only the simplest of books with only straight text. If there is any formatting at all, there's no point in even trying. EPUB to Mobipocket does work (that's what Amazon's kindlegen program does), but again, is likely to end up with conversion artifacts.

I buy a lot of ebooks from Games Workshop's independent publishing arm, Black Library and frequently find myself needing to load these ebooks onto my kindle. This can be quite a pain in the arse at times, particularly if you want the integration with Goodreads to work.

Just download the books again. Better yet deregister the device and register it back. If that doesn't do the trick just set your device to factory settings. Your books are saved in the cloud so you do not need to worry about those. If you have fire devices you can lose the game progress if you have any, so keep that in mind.

What I then found I needed to do was change the name of the folder that has your kindle books in and create a new one of the original name. Now when you open Kindle PC it will not see any of your books, so you will need to download them into this new folder. Now transfer those new files into Calibre and, for me at least, the DRM was removed.

I would like to report that the export highlights feature is now accessible in android. I downloaded the kindle app for android this morning and was surprised to see a 'Export Notebook options ' on the top right corner. This works for personal docs and side-loaded books. and Bookcision seem to work fine even for non-US users. I am buying everything from Germany at, but can find all my kindle books and my highlights using Great post, very helpful, thanks!

Hi!I have some ebooks that are not showing up on my kindle account because I did not buy them through amazon. How do I get the notes from those books and other pdf files (from university readings) into a word document or a pdf file.

I would like to report that the export to highlights feature is now accessible to the kindle fire hdx without rooting. The latest update I believe has made this possible. I have tested it myself.

I have kindle mate and am frustrated. I use it for Spanish vocabulary. I cannot download the definitions,because the FN, which is necessary to activate F12, is too far from that key for my not very small hand to span.The definitions must be downloaded prior to the .db file, I think. I cannot find a way to erase the downloaded words, except book by boo, Is there one? Attempting to access the definition from edit manage word definitions imports zero definitions. (from within the book.) The dictionary choices are limited to Chinese and Wictionary.Also, I would like to download only specific books, Kindle Mate seems to download the vocabulary from all or none.I would appreciate suggestions.

hi! have you ever sent books (pdf files) to kindle by email? So I did it!I like to read it at the e-ink kindle. I have made a lot of notes on it. But for my surprise these files that we send by e-mail to e-reader kindle isnt showing up at other apps kindle or even at the amazon website.Do you have any idea how to solve this issue?

Homer Player supports DRM-free MP3 files. Each book may comprise of a number of files that are played in alphabetical order. The files may also be nested in subdirectories (useful when copying books that come on multiple CDs).

I have found the best solution is to not use kindle e-reader for personal books. I have tried many avenues and e-readers and this is the best solution I have found. This will also allow you to use documents stored on external drives(microsd).

This book will give you a very easy and comprehensive step-by-step and clear guide on how to transfer ebooks to your kindle devices. All of the latest method to transfer ebooks for your devices are covered in this book, including how to to use the send to Kindle app, manage your Kindle, and other FAQs.

When it comes to reading ebooks on a tablet, some people may prefer a Kindle to an iPad. But there is no doubt that the iPad is also a good e-book reading device on the market. Therefore, it is inevitable that more and more users want to find a way to transfer books from kindle to iPad, so that they can read Kindle books on iPad and iPhone devices.

Whether it is a Kindle fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle 3 or any other Amazon device, the default e-book format is .azw. And as we all know, the default e-book format for iPad is ePub. Therefore, Kindle e-books cannot be read directly on the iPad. You need to install the Kindle app for iPad and then log in to your Amazon account to download and read Kindle books on the iPad.

Dear Amazon or whoever, I reluctantly recently had to buy a new kindle paperwhite reader. My problem is: I cannot transfer several unread books from my old kindle to the new one. Seems my first kindle has different register name to my new one, my email address has changed and so has computer that was used for the first kindle. Anybody got any answers to help me solve this dilemma? I ready would like my books from old kindle to my new one.

What happened yesterday was different. I tried to move mobi ebooks to my kindle. The books were transferred fine, I can see them on my kindle drive on the computer. The problem was when I opened my Kindle to arrange the books I transferred, they weren't there. I tried reconnecting my kindle to the computer and the books are still there. I don't know what's wrong.

I don't know why these books aren't showing up, but an alternative method you might try is using the Send to Kindle app from Amazon. There are versions for PC and Mac that you can download at

Edit: I just found a method that worked for me, move the "books" folder to a different location, restart the books app, maybe restart the kindle, eventually, all the old books will go away from the app's library. Then move the "books" folder back to where it belongs. I restarted the app and the kindle again and read a kindle store book for a while and when I went back to the library, all the mobis were there in the library.

Now running the Epubor Ultimate, it will automatically scan your Kindle content folder, all you need to do is drag and drop all the DRM books to the main interface. You will see all kindle books are decrypted. It is so easy to remove DRM from Kindle books with Epubor Ultimate, right?

Third, after finished to remove DRM from all your Kindle books, you can right-click the decrypted book and click "explore decrypted file" to find your cracked kindle books. Or just click the output folder icon at the bottom right of the Epubor Ultimate to locate them. Then you can copy them to a new place on a computer. You can even backup these books to Dropbox or a mobile hard drive for safety.


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