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Manifestation Coaching

Hello beautiful souls, I am so excited that YOU are here!


1:1 Personal Coaching

You are here and it proves that YOU love yourself and want to bring out a massive change in yourself! I am proud of YOU, love. It is my sole privilege that you are interested in giving me an opportunity to guide you through this beautiful journey of yours. In this 1:1 coaching, I will be guiding you through your life and help you reprogram your subconscious mind.

Key Highlights of my life:

  • I have 2 fulfilling businesses

  • My income grew 6x times within 2 months

  • I met my soulmate in November 2020 and am happily married

  • I have healthy relations with my family and friends

  • Each day is a miracle and blessing

This is for YOU if you:

- want to create boundaries (learn to say NO)

- heal your past

- learn the art of letting go

- want to learn self-love

- want to create limitless abundance in your life

- want to manifest your desires

- know your purpose

- align your life by committing to work towards yourself

What can you expect:

- 3 calls of 60 minutes call over 3 months

- Guided sound healing meditation

- Access bars tools

- Journal prompts

- Manifestation tools

- Healing rituals

- Assistance through email for 3 months

ALL of this costs more that Rs. 1,50,000/- (approximately $1800)

I am giving you at a DISCOUNTED rate of Rs. 20,000/- (approximately $240)  ONLY!

So grab this offer NOW!

My experience:

  • I have been guiding people to change their lives since more than 5 years

  • I have guided more than 1,000 people

  • I have done personal and group coaching both

  • I am a certified life coach

What can you expect:

- 1 call of 60 minutes call

- Access bars tools

- Journal prompts

- Manifestation tools

- Assistance through email for 2 weeks

ALL of this costs more that Rs. 60,000/- (approximately $700)

I am giving you at a DISCOUNTED rate of Rs. 10,000/- (approximately $120)  ONLY!

So grab this offer NOW!

Testimonials for Manifestation Coaching

What They’re Saying

Wow!!! The Universe just work wonders. The lock down in March 2020 brings me to Pranaasdotcom, I've been following this page in Instagram since then. I have joined her 21 days money challenge and this started to change my mindset about money. Finally I am so grateful to meet her for a one to one life coach session, even this is an online session but I have already received so much energy & advice from her. I could not imagine if I meet her in person, how all these positive vibes & good energy will flow. Sachi, the true soul and founder of Pranaasdotcom, someone whom I can lay my trust onto. Life is about having fun & enjoy the things we love to do, and things we want in life will come naturally. These words has plant a seed in my heart. I am releasing the energy that hurt me during the session, and I am healing in process right now. Feel free to read all the affirmations in website and follow her Instagram, Pranaasdotcom. Who knows, one day you may need a support or an ear, do engage a session with her, as our life are a journey full of surprises & unpredictable events. Thank you. Terima kasih. 谢谢.



Jolene Saw

Testimonials for Yoga, Meditation & Healing

Sachi Mehta is a well-trained and wonderful yoga trainer. She understands the needs of her clients really well. Additionally, her approach is very patient, calm, and soothing. She trains not only your body but also your mind to be balanced and fit.

Shristi Banka, CEO at Banka CFO

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