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Universal Viewer Pro 6.7.0 Key

Then there is the metadata ToC. A metadata ToC is a ToC that is not part of the book text and is typically accessed by some special button on a reader. For example, in the calibre E-book viewer, you use the Show Table of Contents button to see this ToC. This ToC cannot be styled by the book creator. How it is represented is up to the viewer program.

Universal Viewer Pro 6.7.0 Key


If the crash happens when you are trying to copy text from the calibreE-book viewer, it is most likely caused by some clipboardmonitoring/managing application you have running. Turn it off and youshould be fine.

This will be because of an incompatibility between Qt WebEngine, which theviewer uses to render and the GPU drivers on your system. First tryupgrading the GPU drivers. If that does not help, you can try turning offhardware acceleration in Qt WebEngine by setting the environment variableQTWEBENGINE_CHROMIUM_FLAGS to the value --disable-gpu.See Environment variables for how to change environment variables.

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Hoping to see if someone else has had this problem or if anyone has any troubleshooting tips they could share. I spun up a new VM on a host running 6.7.0 U3. Set up server 2022, everything looked good. Then 2 weeks later it crashes. Only shows a black screen when I try to look at the console and see what's going on. I can reboot it but it freezes again within a few seconds of going live so I can't even get to the logs. The logs on the host don't tell me anything helpful. I migrate the VM to a new host, same issue. I spin up a completely new VM on a new host, this one running plain 6.7.0, and it works just fine for a month...then the same issue. All running windows server 2022, no hardware issues with the hosts, plenty of memory and disk space. Any suggestions?

Sorry, should've been more specific - I installed full desktop edition, with GUI, and was able to access as normal for weeks. By "crash" I mean entirely unresponsive - can't ping, can't send keys on the remote console, nothing. No visible cursor. My only option is to reboot, which works for five seconds and then doesn't. It will boot into safe mode, but the event viewer logs show nothing from when it was crashed, like it was shut down the whole time. The physical server is a supermicro build with 128gb of memory and Xeon silvers.

I have exactly the same issue with 6.7.0 Update 3 (Build 15160138) and SRV2022 Essentials. I used Windows Server 2016 R2 Ess. for years and regarding end of service I changed to Server 2022 Ess. with Paessler PRTG. As ESXi VM template I could choice Windows 2016 and higher (64bit) only (as VMware suggested). It went well for a couple of days, but then, as spicehead-9plb0 mentioned, the same issues, black screen no access to the vm (via ESXi GUI console, nor with RDP. Then the 2022 server is visable again (monitored with a Zabbix server), and then not. What I found out via ESxi GUI console is a hughe occupied memory (100%). First I gave the server 24GB, after a while, full occupied, increase the mem to 32GB, same issue. Therefore I guest the VMware 6.7 u3 memory management for this Windows 2022 server is the lack. Any suggestions or tweaks?

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