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Boris Ilyin
Boris Ilyin

TRYP FPV The Drone Racer Simulator

TRYP FPV is the next generation of drone FPV simulator with new and unique features. Full of innovations, high graphics quality and ultra advanced physics, you will love the feels of flight. Let's TRYP !

TRYP FPV The Drone Racer Simulator

TRYP FPV is a game changer. This drone FPV simulator has been created to give the most realistic and complete drone FPV piloting experience to everyone: beginners to pro. Maps are realistic and ultra large. So we added a minimap to let you discover it, find your favorite places or experiences and create your own lines of flight. Physics system include real, complex and precise thrust & air drag & aerodynamics equations.

The DRL simulator is currently one of the cheapest simulators available and is a bargain if you consider the features packed into it. The simulator allows you to select various levels depending on your ability. It also has a range of FPV drones to choose from.

Both Velocidrone and TRYP are relatively cheap simulators as well, but if you really just want to test whether your systems can run a simulator then TWGO is an excellent option for doing that. Being free, TWGO is also a good way for educators to bring drone flying to young people. 041b061a72


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