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Boris Ilyin
Boris Ilyin

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i was in primary sex abuse and incest when i was 15 a year old. i was in hospital for a month, with a 2 week stay in emergency for dehydration then 6 weeks in foster care until i became a legal adult. im now 43 and was treated for depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. i have ocd and have had a compulsive gamblers compulsive cycle for over ten years as a result. i had long ago tried to stop abusing alcohol, made some very bad mistakes that caused me to get into heroin. i tried the residential addiction centre and after three months they offered me methadone. at the time i was still drinking for about 6 years or so, then finally realised i needed to get off the booze. ive been on and off methadone for nearly 10 years now. i took them almost daily for the first three years i took them. at that stage i think i was officially addicted to opiates. now im just on a daily methadone dose and drink as well. sometimes more alcohol than opiates. i have recently stopped taking alcohol at all and once i do, i dont think i ever will again. it makes me feel too randy, that and i think ive stopped having fun. ive been off opiates for several months now and ive started to drink again. im in a methadone treatment centre now and if i drink on the methadone, itll be kicked out. drs here tell me that is not how its supposed to be done. theyve told me i can go back to opiates, but i dont want to. i might not do it for very long, but im not sure. i just feel so much better without alcohol. thats what im trying to do now, and i feel like i need support.

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this is a sad and somewhat ridiculous article that makes absolutely no sense at all, i wish it would have focused on actual dangers of kratom and how their info is based on incomplete or inaccurate data


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