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Eric Zhuravlev

Panty Stocking With Garterbelt (Dub) Episode 2

Goblin Slayer casts a dark shadow over the fantasy genre with a world that's just as full of goblins and monsters as it is adventurers. Goblin Slayer stirred up a lot of controversy with how its very first episode depicts some very graphic acts against the series main character, courtesy of some goblins.

Panty Stocking with Garterbelt (Dub) Episode 2

Interspecies Reviewers is likely one of the most controversial dubbed anime to come out in years. The series strives to be inappropriate and it's a comedy that centers around adventurers' eclectic relationships with the different creatures throughout the land. Funimation streamed three episodes of the anime subtitled and broadcast the first of their dubbed episodes, with plans for more. However, Funimation dropped the title entirely after the subject matter grew more intense after that point. The fact that there's just one dubbed episode makes Interspecies Reviewers even more of an oddity. 041b061a72


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