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Immune-mediated. The most common clinical signs are crusts (scabs) and ulcerations with occasional blisters. All four feet are commonly involved, especially the footpads and nailbeds. Excessive darkening of the tissues and thickened, crusty footpads with erosive (ulcerated) lesions may be present, especially in cases of pemphigus foliaceus.


Once the underlying cause is determined, treatment will be directed toward that cause. If the pododermatitis has an allergic or immune-mediated cause, it is important to note that the condition will not be cured. In these cases, the therapeutic goal is to minimize clinical signs and recurrences.

Northwest Missouri State University strives to present a clear, consistent, high-quality visual identity through the use of its logo and institution name on all printed publications. Campus constituents, including faculty, staff, departments, offices and auxiliaries (Bearcat Shop and ARAMARK) shall comply with these guidelines. Area merchants and the media are also requested to adopt these guidelines. For more information about Northwest logos, please contact Brandon Stanley at

All advertisements placed in print media must contain the University logo used in the same way as it would be used on a publication. All print ads must be coordinated through Brandon Stanley, assistant vice president of marketing and communication.

Care must be taken when dealing with the electronic media to refer to Northwest as "Northwest Missouri State University," "Northwest Missouri State," "Northwest" or the University. Never use NWMSU or NW.

Federal regulators, politicians, and the media did not escape criticism from the pair. Taibbi accused the media of covering politics like a sports story in which there are always two teams. "We need to look beyond right versus left ... blue versus red," he said, because issues "should be complicated."

Both editors are pessimistic about meaningful reform of the financial system. Taibbi deemed regulators as "always five years behind," while Tett said the government has simply patched over cracks in the system.

The Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media prepares you to shape the future with a forward-thinking curriculum designed to meet the ever-changing media landscape of tomorrow. Adhering to the highest standard of academic excellence and innovation, our programs offer a blend of skills training, theoretical learning and real-world practice in tracks that fit your passion:


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