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The HAPI (Hand Activated Percussion Instrument) Steel Tongue Drum is ideal:

  • Sound Healing Practices
  • Raise Vibrations to Manifest faster
  • Meditative Tones
  • Ideal for visualization
  • Helps stay positive
  • Uplifts your mood to FEEL GOOD
  • Calming
  • Great for relaxing anytime
  • Can play Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa on it

Hapi Drum (Only in India)

SKU: 10
    • 6 inches
    • 800 grams
    • Metal (Bronze + Copper + Iron)
    • Comes with 2 sticks
    • Small bag to carry it
  • Tell us:

    • what is your purpose behind purchasing this drum and
    • little bit about yourself

    accordingly we'll send a special coloured Hapi Drum specially made for YOU!

    For this, you can email us at: with the screenshot of your invoice.

    Thank you :)

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