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FRAMED 2 V1.1.1 Apk

راهنمای نصب بازی FRAMED 2:1- فایل نصب (apk) بازی را دانلود و نصب کنید.2- پس از دانلود و استخراج فایل دیتا از حالت فشرده پوشه com.noodlecake.framed2 موجود در آن را در مسیر Android/obb حافظه دستگاه اندروید خود قرار دهید.3- بازی را اجرا کنید.

FRAMED 2 v1.1.1 Apk

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Despite Kaede's kindness towards Maki, the latter has been shown to distrust her, openly showcasing dislike for her. She even blames Kaede for destroying the unity that she had tried to create between the students. Although she shows only a little emotion in response to Kaede's death, Maki secretly feels some remorse for disliking her in the first place after it was revealed Kaede was framed by the mastermind in Rantaro's murder case.

In the bonus scene (triggered only if the player gave Tsumugi Nail Brush present in Chapter 1), Tsumugi offered Kaede to paint her nails which resulted in Rantaro interrupting Kaede's appointment with her. It is later revealed that Tsumugi actually holds no friendship towards Kaede. In Chapter 1, Tsumugi had figured out Kaede's plan and when she discovered that Kaede's plan failed, Tsumugi decided to kill Rantaro herself to prevent everyone else from being executed. Because of this, Tsumugi framed Kaede for the action and executed her as well.


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