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A Race Through Dark Places Torrent

In 1896 the Supreme Court sanctioned legal separation of the races in its ruling in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson, which stated that separate but equal facilities did not violate the Fourteenth Amendment. Science, history, and popular culture bolstered racial policy by promoting the myth of Negro inferiority. By the turn of the twentieth century, African Americans found themselves reduced to a color-caste system almost as oppressive and destructive as the chattel slavery they had endured. A new wave of racial violence swept the U.S., erupting in a torrent of lynchings and race riots. The worst of these riots occurred in Springfield, Illinois, in 1908.

A Race Through Dark Places torrent

While the party was on the road to Heartmoor Hamlet, Orym found a Feywild shard in the mouth of a giant rabbit and gave it to Imogen. The wild magic it channeled later temporarily turned Imogen a vibrant dark blue.[42] When they reached the hamlet, Roe Estani told the party about the "Ruidusborn": children born during the occasional, irregular flares of the red moon Ruidus, thought to be destined for important things, with "strange marks" on their bodies and with premonitions, bad dreams, and other odd psychic phenomenon.[43] When Laudna suggested to Imogen that she might be Ruidusborn, Imogen replied that she thought her mother might have been.[44] She was able to view Ruidus's red storm through Estani's telescope, and that night she dreamed of the familiar field as the red storm approached. This time, instead of running, she cried out to it, asking what it wanted, and took a step towards it. As she did, it got stronger and colder. She called out to her mother, and her mother's voice said, "Run!" Saying, "I don't want to run anymore," Imogen, terrified, walked deeper into the storm. Before her, she saw an unfamiliar woman's figure standing and other outlines step out from behind it. She sensed the woman was smiling, intent, focused, and maliceful. When she woke, the lightning marks on Imogen's arms had ever-so-slightly grown, a continuation of a very slow, continuous spread over the ten years during which she had been having the dreams.[45]

From its first scene, "Falling" tells us what we're in for, and it's not an afternoon at Disney World. A sleeping Willis bolts awake during an airplane ride with John, who's taking him to California in a half-baked plan to buy him a house there, and begins stalking the aisle, shouting profanity and bellowing for his wife, who died years ago. He grabs the remains of a drink from another passenger's tray and downs it; that the passenger is Black makes you brace for a torrent of epithets that never comes, thankfully, although subsequent scenes confirm that you weren't wrong to suspect Willis of being capable of that. John trails the old man, trying to calm him down. You can tell by the reactions of passengers and crew that some of them have no idea what's happening and others know all too well. Finally Willis shuts himself in the men's room and almost manages to smoke a cigarette, something that hasn't been allowed on flights in decades.


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