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Buddy Daddies Episode 2 BEST

Episode 2 is scheduled to release on Crunchyroll on Friday, January 13th, 2023. The release time is 12:30 ET. The title of episode 2 is unknown at this time, but it will have a run time of approximately 23 minutes.

Buddy Daddies Episode 2

In their place, a mysterious new character takes care of the situation. Barely introduced halfway through the episode as another assassin, Ogino Ryo is the protagonist of a blood-curling post-credit scene that presents him as a true villain.

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  • Episode 3 Rei slowly warms up to Miri in this episode. When she joins him in the bathtub, he leaves his blanket in there to cover her.

  • As they drive to meet Miri's mother, Kazuki tries to cheerfully tell Rei this was the last time they'd spend with Miri. Rei clearly has grown fond of Miri and asks if this was really good for all of them. Kazuki brushes him off and claims it was, with Rei responding that Kazuki was a lousy actor.

  • Kazuki finds Miri's mother and her boyfriend comes in, believing she's cheating on him and slaps her. Kazuki retaliates by trying to push him away, but once he pulls a broken bottle out, Kazuki punches him in the face.

  • Throughout the episode, Miri refers to Rei as "Rei-kun" since he didn't want to be called papa, nor uncle. However, when Miri runs into some police officers who believe she's a lost child, she starts crying for her papa. Rei pauses for a moment, remembering how his father treated him and finally goes to help Miri. Police Officer: Are you her guardian? Rei: No. Police Officer: Kid's friend? Rei: No. I am... her papa. Earlier, Miri told Rei that a "papa" is someone who saves you when you're in trouble. Which was what Kazuki had done, and why she calls him papa.

  • Also, when Rei confronts the officers, he tells them he promised Miri they'd play tomorrow.

  • Miri happily refers to Rei as "Rei Papa".

  • Kazuki returns and says they'd get a meal together. Rei: For three? Kazuki: For three.

  • The after-credits of the episode. Miri insists they all sleep together that night, with Kazuki saying they couldn't while Rei says it would be uncomfortable. Cut to them all squished together on one small bed with Miri happily asleep and Kazuki uncomfortably pushed by Miri. He asks for Rei to move, but Rei has been peacefully sleeping.

  • Episode 6 While not exactly thrilled about tailing Miri, Rei is excited to go to the zoo since he's never been to one before.

  • Kazuki seeing Miri as his daughter and not just adopted. Kazuki even praises Miri's senses when she almost spots her papa's. Kazuki: Those are our genes at work!

  • Miri instantly bonds with Taiga, the boy whom she got into an altercation with the day before, over Morio Kart. Miri boasting about Rei's scores in Morio Kart and saying she loves her Papa Rei. Overhearing this, Rei grins smugly at Kazuki.

  • Taiga, despite being quite a rowdy kid, is revealed to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Upon seeing Miri having no lunch to eat, he shares his rice balls with her without hesitation and even apologizes for the incident the day before (he swiped some fried chicken from some of his female classmates, causing Miri to call him out on it). Later on, when a robber on the run stumbles upon them and try to take their food by force, Taiga instantly jumps on the guy trying to protect his female classmates.

  • Kazuki and Rei (disguised as a rabbit and alpaca respectively) going full Papa Wolf on the man holding Miri and her classmates hostage.

  • Miri spends much of the episode angry at Kazuki after he unsuccessfully tries to broach the subject of her getting into a fight with Taiga, to the extent that she refuses to take the bento he made for her the next day. When Miri gets home from her trip, she asks to have the bento Kazuki made.

A reserved man who enjoys gaming in his spare time, Rei contrasts sharply with his best friend and gaming buddy, Kazuki, who is more outgoing and has a fondness for the ladies. An incident occurred when the two friends were caring for Miri Unasaka, a young girl who had gone in search of her father and become caught in the crossfire. For anime fans who are craving similar shows, check out the titles below.

Due to adverse weather delays in the Dallas region, where the series are dubbed, Crunchyroll has decided to delay the release of English-dubbed episodes for many anime that are airing during the winter season of 2023. The announcement was made on Friday.

Each core character has already maneuvered through tremendous growth so far in the season, making the wait for whatever major stumbling block will slow them down all the more painful. We could easily just watch them be a happy if eccentric family unit for however many episodes.

As mentioned earlier, Japanese fans will watch the episode 2 of Buddy Daddies via Gunma T.V., Tochigi T.V., Tokyo MX, and BS 11 networks. At the same time, fans from other nations must resort to Crunchyroll, matching their local time with the one we have listed above. 041b061a72


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