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A Level 10 Life

We all want the best out of life and to reach our highest level of potential, this meaning our highest level, which in this case is level 10… Well at least we do, are you with us? Over our 53 years of experience (our ages combined) we have never met someone that was satisfied with their life at a level 7!

We all want it… But not all of us are willing to put in the time to invest in ourselves to create our most fulfilling life. It has become a common occurrence for people to settle for something far less than they are capable of and deserve. Maybe because their current situation is convenient, comfortable and plain old safe or they could lack those basic resources.

We believe to reach a level 10 life on a personal, professional and financial level, that we must first be willing to do what it takes to develop ourselves. This comes down to dedication to put in the time, to fully commit to making ourselves and our dreams the V.I.P. of our own lives. 

If we are really ready to invest in our dreams, we must work towards them every single day. Did you know that it takes 30-50 days to build a habit? Your future is hidden in your daily routine.

We all have our own representation of what success looks like to us, and the only version of that that matters and we should listen to, is our own. There is not one single person in this entire world, now or ever... that is you, therefore there is no way we can compare our life success to someone else's version. 

Our inner world has a direct connection to our outer world, When we change our inner world. Our outer world/exterior improves parallel. Success and growth is something we attract by who we grow to become. 

So now it’s time to ask ourselves… What do you truly want out of life?

Say it out loud, scream it if you must, or write it down, and then know that it can be your reality if you want it badly enough. If you work on your dreams, your own self and your belief that you can make it happen, it will. Believe that it is yours already, and visualise yourself with that level 10 life, in the palm of your own hands. The things you manifest are the things in life that you shall get, now move rapidly and constantly in the direction of your most highest and fulfilling life. Life is far too short to live with regrets!

Even if it feels like you’ve failed the first or second or even third time around, you haven't. You are just learning the things you need to, to get to that next level, to grow and become an even better and far wiser person than the one you were before. What have you got to lose, when you have so much to gain.

Written by: Anna & Jens founders of Growth Monkeys

About JENS:

Hey! My name is Jens! A Dutchie that loves to travel and explore the world. Furthermore, I'm driven to keep on developing myself and others. Always looking for further improvement!

About ANNA:

Hello, I'm Anna! A Creative Designer with a passion for uplifting people through my designs. It is my mission to help people with personal development to get the best out of life while we develop into the best version of ourselves.

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