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There are two things that shape the direction of our life… The images we entertain in our mind and the words we tell ourselves.

The problem we encounter is we don’t entertain a grand image for our lives.

It’s often limited to reality, practicality and what other people have told us.

Our innermost dreams MUST dictate our life, not outside reality, which is why we must live from INSIDE-OUT, not OUTSIDE-IN

This is where VISION BOARDS come in.

Vision boards are such a fun way to fire up our innermost desires.

We give ourselves permission to suspend reality for a moment.

Ask the question, if I could wave a magic wand, what would I like to BE, DO and HAVE?

Add words and images that make up that vision.

It can be a pinboard, a poster, a display book, a Pinterest board, or a mind movie.

The vision board does several things:

1. It gives the Universe NEW ingredients to work with. Instead of the same old thoughts, we are punching a new destination in just like Google Maps.

2. It reduces blocks by taking our attention off the problems of our lives and instead focuses our mind toward our dreams.

3. It raises our VIBRATION by conjuring the FEELINGS of having it. The Law of Attraction is always responding to our FEELINGS.

Once the vision board is created, place it somewhere that inspires you. I like to sit mine next to my bed, up high on the wall.

Use it to feel like you are ALREADY living these dreams.

It’s important to LET IT GO to the Universe. Do not plan HOW it will unfold. Trust the Universe. Your subconscious will immediately begin working on it.

When you feel INSPIRED action, take it! The Universe is collaborating with you.

So much of what I have pinned on my vision board has come true.

Remember, a grand vision will lead to a grand life!

Anna Garcia is a Law of Attraction Coach living in Sydney specialising in mindset and energy alignment. She teaches Universal laws to clients and network marketing groups internationally and focuses on the message that life is meant to be fun and abundant. Her emphasis is not just on the prize of the result, but the enjoyment of the journey on the way.

Anna uses energy alignment processes to help clients identify the contradictory thoughts they have to their desires and offers practical strategies to help find alignment. Anna offers a free 30 minute coaching session online or a free handbook on the 5 Fundamental Mistakes in Manifesting and How to Fix Them available on her website.

Insta: @annagarcia_lifecoach FB:

Sharing my own Vision Board with you.

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